Business Week by Curtin Finance and Investment Club

Business Week by Curtin Finance and Investment Club

Entrepreneurial enthusiasts of Curtin University attend a celebratory week of keynote addresses from notable Miri Businesses.

Earlier last Monday, the CFIC launched their flagship event of the year: Business Week. Initiating the event with a Ribbon cutting ceremony, each consecutive day, with the exception of the Labour Day Public Holiday on Tuesday, has a theme.

Day One began with an in-depth look at the stock market, trading and technical analysis, conducted by Mr Janis Ustre. The CEO of the Global Financial Solutions Asia presented a riveting talk on the impact of the major financial crises.

Amongst the many morsels of valuable advice were the market red flags that spell financial crisis, how to insulate your portfolio during one, and the industries that always outperform the market in the midst of a financial crisis.

Pivoting to a workshop, the fundamentals of trading were demonstrated with a demo account and basic technical chart analysis. Participants were treated to watching a master at play in the trading environment.

Day 2’s theme of Entrepreneurship had Mr Alan Wei, the Managing Director of Hornbill Agriculture address a crowd of aspiring young entrepreneurs on the challenging path to a self-sustaining business.

Mr Wei candidly relayed his struggles after leaving the safe haven of university. Having been alumni of Curtin University Malaysia, he maintained that most of his business acumen was a product of years in the field. As with any aspiring entrepreneur, the struggle of securing capital and cash flow management was a recurring issue. As did Elon Musk, he hailed the use of preference shares as a hail Mary of crowd funding. Mr Wei plied students with encouragement to pursue their business ideas while in university.

For those looking to pilot their entrepreneurial dreams, the Moonsoon Sim gave them a taste of how to run your business in real time. Using a cloud based integrated business simulation software, users were treated to real life business management problems and their cascading impacts.

Two days in, and the entire week is a massive success. A small group but capable group of student entrepreneurs and Miri Business people have sung praises of its comprehensiveness.

More updates coming soon.

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