Romance On A Budget in Miri, Date Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank or Relationship

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Romance On A Budget in Miri, Date Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank or Relationship

Want to whisk your lover on a romantic date but can’t break your bank on it? Get creative! There’s plenty of ways to have a romantic date without having to break your bank.

It shouldn’t be about how much money you spend but rather how much thought you put into a romantic gesture. It’s the thought that counts right?

Fresh out of ideas on how to whisk your lover off their feet? Worry not. Here are 7 Miri date ideas that won’t break your bank or relationship.

1. Food Hunt @ Container City

container-city-wont-break your budget-date-idea

The romantic ambiance at Container City Miri.

Love food and your lover? This place is a treasure trove for great food finds. They have food variety that can tickle any taste buds. So, tickle your pickle. The best part? It’s all in one place and prices don’t fare so bad! It won’t break your bank.

Are you both unable to agree on one kind of food to have? Container City will fix that. It’ll surely have something for both your differing tastes. So, avoid the disagreement on where to eat and not break your bank.

container-city-food-wont-break your budget-date-idea

Some of the many food varieties available at Container City Miri.

The place is decorated to give off a dreamy or romantic ambiance. See fairy lights, a love bridge, open mic stage, and hanging foliage deco.

To add, there are regular open mic sessions that go on some nights. See your date night get seasoned with an extra romantic vibe from the serenades.

2. Bask in Seaside Beauty (And Your Lover’s Of Course) @ Coco Cabana

coco-cabana-miri-wont-break your budget-date-idea

Couple shots taken at Coco Cabana.

There’s a compelling allure about Coco Cabana being a hangout spot for Mirians. Maybe it’s that it’s picturesque, has a mini trove of food and drink stalls, or that there isn’t any other hangout place to match the experience.

Whatever it be, Coco Cabana is a regular spot for lovers, family, and friends. Spend an evening there with your lover. Skimped on cash? Skip buying anything or settle with simple coconut shakes. No break your bank.

Take in the breeze and view. Take picturesque selfies together or photos of each other. Might I add, it’s a popular wedding shoot and ceremony location.

Maybe you two could even brew up scenarios and ideas for you both’s wedding then and there. Or, just spend your time there strolling or basking in the scenery. While having a deep talk with your lover.

3. Bubble tea date @ Miri’s Treasure Trove of Bubble Tea Gems

bubble-tea-teaco-miri-wont-break your budget-date-idea

Tea Co.’s dreamy vibe channeled throughout the place.

Miri is loco for Boba. It’s no secret that in Miri you can’t throw a stone without hitting another bubble tea place. Mirians love bubble tea and it’s a fact! Maybe we do have one too many bubble tea spots? The more the merrier we say.

Take your lover on a Boba date. Bubble tea definitely isn’t something that will break your bank. Might I add it’s cheaper than going to a nice coffee and cake cafe?

Some of the bubble tea spots have a great romantic vibe to their shops. Tea Co., T4, Regiustea, HiCaa, and Macao Imperial Tea all are great date spots. Tea Co. is especially dreamy with its pink dreamy decor theme going on.

bubble-tea-miri-wont-break your budget-date-idea

The most famous bubble tea places in Miri.

Bring your lover to any one of the mentioned. So, order some for the both of you and spend the afternoon chatting over it. And, maybe taking a few cute pics or selfies together while at it with the decor.

A few hours well spent on a simple date and no break your bank.

4. Stargazing Without Breaking Your Bank @ Grand Old Lady

grand-old-lady-wont-break your budget-date-idea

Various shots of and at Grand Old Lady in the evening.

Want a dark place to go and cough-cough wink-wink? I mean have a long deep conversation while stargazing of course!

Are quiet, laid back dates where you spend hours talking to your favorite person in a scenic place your thing? Even if it isn’t it should be. Leave the distractions of the city for a scenic evening on Canada Hill. The sunsets there are mesmerizing.

Drive up to Grand Old Lady and bask in the breathtaking overview of Miri city. Also, bask in the starry night sky. Be it from the benches on the hill or from inside the comfort of your car. All while talking about whatever with your lover in a distraction-free oasis.

5. Romantic Beach Adventure and Mini Road Trip @ Tusan Beach

tusan-beach-wont-break your budget-date-idea

Couple shots taken at Tusan Beach’s mesmerizing rock formations. And, the scenery Tusan Beach has to offer.

Yet another frequent for Mirians and foreigners. It’s no wonder, given how beautiful this beach is. To add, it’s also a common lovers den. Why not take a mini road trip to Tusan with your lover for a day or half day. A beach visit definitely won’t break your bank.

Spend the trip over car-aokeing and talking. Once there, go on a romantic stroll while taking in the view. The beautiful sea, rock formations, and cliff are not found at any other Miri beach. Don’t forget the view your lover of course.

Take turns taking pictures of each other or selfies together. Pictures make memories last a lifetime. And, if you feel quenched, grab a refreshment at one of the many stalls there while chilling.

6. Volunteer Together @ Zero Strays Miri

zero-strays-volunteer-wont-break your budget-date-idea

Kind-hearted volunteers volunteering at the Zero Strays Miri shelter.

Miri has a lot of NGOs doing noble work for the greater good of Miri. Why not help them out so you both can make Miri greater together. Give back. It won’t cost you anything to volunteer. So, no break your bank.

Most Mirian couples haven’t tried volunteering together so why not? Try something new and really rewarding. All while getting closer with your loved one.

It’s a great experience to get rough and tough or down and dirty with your loved one. Zero Strays Miri needs volunteers to help clean their shelters. And, help with bathing the dogs there. It’s a plus if you and your lover are dog lovers.

If it isn’t your style or you can’t touch dogs for religious reasons, volunteer at one of the other NGO centers within Miri. Check out the Sunflower Center, orphanages, or PDK centers.

7. Try Out a New Recipe Together @ Home

home-cooking-wont-break your budget-date-idea

Image via

Whip open YouTube or Google your favorite recipes. Choose one and get on it. The internet is a trove for recipes and cooking tutorials.

If you both feel for a romantic fancy dinner but lack the bank, recreate it at home. Cooking at home saves a lot of money and won’t break your bank.

Make a date of the whole experience. You’d be surprised at how romantic the simple act of grocery shopping with your lover can be. It may even make you both feel like young newlyweds (that is if you’re not yet married).

Then, proceed home to navigate through the possibly daunting task of cooking. That is if you or your lover lack cooking skills. Learn together. It’ll make it a lot less daunting. And, if either one or both of you are proficient, great too!

Eating the food prepared from scratch together that won’t break your bank will feel all the more rewarding.

Enjoy your date that won’t break your bank!

Hopefully, these ideas have your romantic bone running. All the best in your attempts to woo your lover no matter the occasion!

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