Borneo Jazz Festival 2019: Workshops, Exhibitions, and More!


Borneo Jazz Festival 2019: Workshops, Exhibitions, and More!

Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 is here! Are you excited? Have you decided which performances you want to catch in these 3 days of jazz? Did you know, there’s a lot more to Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 than the performances?

Yes, the performances go on throughout the night time. But, there are also a lot of interesting activities to attend in the day time! There will be art and craft exhibitions. Workshops and classes will go on too.

Here’s a rundown of all the other exciting activities to attend during Borneo Jazz Festival 2019.

Day 1:

Day 1 is all about arts and crafts. There will be a few exhibitions from Sarawakian artists. As well as one from an international artist.

‘The Storyteller’ by Alena Murang

alena-murang-borneo jazz festival 2019

Image via Alena Murang Facebook

In the face of modernization, culture suffers. Among those are the oral traditions of the Kelabit people. A lot of knowledge in their stories and folklore aren’t expressed in writing. Instead, the Kelabit express them through songs and chants.

So, this day, only a handful of elders remember these songs. Therefore, artist, Alena Murang took it upon herself to learn these songs from the elders. Then, adapt them for contemporary, urban listeners across the world.

With this, she brings you an art exhibition. The exhibition is a painting exhibited with the audio. The audio recalls her “lessons” with her elders.

Pua Kumbu & Rainforest Craft of Sarawak Exhibition by Dr. Welyne Jehom

dr-welyne-jehom-borneo jazz festival 2019

Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

The one behind this craft exhibition is Dr. Welyne Jehom. She is the head of Malaysian indigenous studies since 2018 at University Malaya. Where, she is a teacher of Anthropology and Sustainable Development.

Her research has led her to focus on empowering the Iban women of Rumah Gare, Sg Kain, Kapit, Sarawak. Who, are skillful weavers. They produce unique and beautiful textiles or “Pua Kumbu”.

Unfortunately, these women lack access to a proper market platform. Despite their laborious efforts, they aren’t paid fair wages by middle parties.

This exhibition showcases the work of these women. It is a part of her research project. Which, seeks to ease poverty and empower the community at Rumah Gare to lift up their livelihood.

‘Jungle Fever’ by Marie Dargent

marie-dargent-borneo jazz festival 2019

Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

Marie Dargent is a prominent French artist. She’s known for depicting her art on long narrow strips of cotton. All of which, are over a hundred years old. All the pieces come from the Dargent family collection. And, were made by her seamstress great grandmother.

‘Jungle Fever’ is a step out of Marie Dargent’s comfort zone. The theme of the art is inspired by the vivid tropical vegetation in Malaysia’s rainforest. All the art is recreated through her memories of her many travels through Malaysia’s jungles. As well as, through photographs.

Look at the art and get transported into the enclosed depths of the rainforest. Realist and figurative, yet also abstract, intriguing and seductive.

Day 2:

Day 2 of Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 is music-filled. Throughout the day time, there will be music workshops. Attend them for insight into the wide range of jazz music.

Music Workshop: IRESON Latin Music & Jazz


Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

This workshop is by Mexican fusion Latin Jazz band, IRESON. You’ll get exposed to the influences of Latin music in jazz and vice versa.

Learn the history, origin, and roots of Latin music. Also, how it developed until it merged with jazz music.

Music Workshop: Alberto Marsico Trio


Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

Artist Alberto Marsico will teach you about the Hammond organ: the sound machine. He’ll take you through the story, the blues, the sounds, and the groove of the instrument.

Music Meeting: From Jazz to Hip-Hop

Here, you’ll see multiple guest speakers. Such as DJ Maestro, Kirk Lightsey, Joe Flizzow, Arabyrd & Marques Young. All share their musical viewpoints. Which are on the development, fusion, and correlation between jazz and hip hop.

They highlight how jazz and hip hop can contribute. And, have done so to social awareness and political change.

Borneo Jazz DJ Masterclass: DJ Maestro


Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

Renowned Dutch deejay, DJ Maestro teaches you what it takes to be a deejay. It isn’t only reliant on skill. A lot more goes into being a good deejay. He guides you through it.

Day 3:

This is another music-filled day. Get excited music enthusiasts! If Day 2 was interesting, here’s more.



Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

His drum workshop will address and discuss new and creative perspectives. Which are on technique, stylizing, and individuality/originality. He goes on to discuss Youtube’s positives and negatives. Then, covers soundscaping and new directions in rhythm and groove performances. All this comes from the content of a few related books. 



Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

In this workshop, sultry songstress, NJWA will teach you a few things about your voice. She’ll teach you how to:

  • Enhance your performance by learning different techniques to convey the message of your song.
  • Lyrical and song analysis.
  • Basic vocal techniques (breathing and vocal placements).

Music Workshop: Chanda Rule “EMBODIED SINGING”


Image via Borneo Jazz Facebook

This is a hands-on and participatory workshop. It’ll walk through breath, body and the vocal instrument. Get taught through physical and mindfulness exercises. Also through songs. She’ll help participants connect more fully to the text and their own experience of singing.

Enjoy Borneo Jazz Fest 2019!

Miri’s hottest festival is finally here! Be sure to check it out this weekend at Coco Cabana, Miri. Have you snagged yourselves some tickets yet? If you haven’t you can still get your tickets. Check out Borneo Jazz Festival’s Facebook page to see how. Be sure to use our code “PRIMABUZZ” for a 5% discount.

Do let us know in the comments what you’re most excited for this festival!

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