Borneo Jazz Beat The Plastic Workshop 2019


Borneo Jazz Beat The Plastic Workshop 2019

Last weekend saw the start of the Borneo Jazz Beat The Plastic Workshops. It’s part of the preparation for the highly anticipated Borneo Jazz Festival 2019
The workshops see volunteers attend from 10 am to 3 pm on the weekends leading up to Borneo Jazz Festival 2019. During which they learn how to make recycled craft. And, make decor for the festival. 
It’s held at Coco Cabana, which is also the venue for the festival.

The Borneo Jazz – Beat The Plastic Workshop

🤗Hey, what’s up guys!Are you up for some fun on the weekends? 😎Starting from the 22nd of June, The Borneo Jazz is calling for volunteers to participate in a plastic art workshop called #BeatThePlasticWorkshop 💥So this year, the workshop is organised by No Black Tie, who aims to focus on social responsibility involving recycling within the local community — that’s AWESOME, innit? 😍Join us on these dates :Date : 6th – 7th July 2019 (Sat & Sun), 16th – 18th July 2019 (Sat & Sun)Time : 10AM – 3PMVenue : Coco Cabana, Miri SarawakDM us to register! *Bring your own recyclables and get a one day❗FREE❗pass to The Borneo Jazz Festival! See you guys there! 👋🏻

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Who’s behind it?

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The campaign/ project collaborators.

Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 is organized by No Black Tie, a local jazz club. They aim to emphasize the social responsibility towards recycling among the local community. How? Through the Borneo Jazz Beat Plastic Campaign. The campaign or project is a collaboration between UiTM and Miri City Council.
Having organizers that account for sustainability in planning is amazing. Environmental implications rarely are factored for during events. 
This campaign puts a refreshing and progressive spin on the annual festival. This year’s event is more communal and sustainable. 

What is the Borneo Jazz Beat The Plastic Workshop?

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It’s held every weekend starting last weekend leading up to Borneo Jazz Festival 2019. During these 2 days, volunteers get lessons on how to turn plastics into art and furniture. The volunteers get step by step guidance. 
The workshop teaches how to make crafts. How to assemble waste into installation art. How to turn waste into something functional and sustainable. And, how to construct environmental builds like kiosks, wall panels, counters, etc.
Anything and everything that gets made during these workshops will get used for the festival. The artwork will serve as decor, fixtures, and furniture

Why you should participate

You get something in return! Did you know? Participating volunteers have a chance of getting a free 1-day pass to Borneo Jazz Festival 2019. How? Provided you donate a completed list of required recyclable items. These items make one eligible for a 1-day pass trade-in. Or, one can complete a whole art installation during the workshop to also become eligible.
Besides that, Borneo Jazz Beat The Plastic Workshop is a noble cause. By participating, you get to play your part in minimizing plastic waste. Something which more people should be doing. The problems plastic waste causes for the environment are bigger than many of us are aware of.
To add, it gets the community involved in Borneo Jazz Festival. It has become commonplace in Miri’s event scene. Getting the community involved makes the festival all the more Mirian

Get involved in the Borneo Jazz Beat The Plastic Workshop! 

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Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 is fast approaching. Organizers are working hard and scrambling to bring goers yet another year of gusto and flare. But not forgetting the turtles and sea creatures plagued by plastic waste. 
So, do your part and get rewarded a free 1-day pass to Miri’s hottest festival. It’ll be happening this upcoming 19-21 of July 2019. There are only a couple more weekends for you to volunteer for! What are you waiting for? 

Are you interested?

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 You can sign up by DM-ing us on our Facebook page. Or, simply show up this next weekend, 6-7 July, 10 am at Coco Cabana. Be sure to bring along your recyclables. The organizers have released a list of items you can trade in to entitle yourself to a free 1-day pass.
Do bring friends and family along! No age restrictions. The more the merrier. The organizers are calling for more volunteers.


Be sure to grab your ticket ASAP. This year’s line up is something special. Big name Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow is performing. Expect other big local as well as international artists throughout it. And, if you use our code “PRIMABUZZ” you can get 5% off your ticket.

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