Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice: Dessert Hunters’ New Paradise

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Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice: Dessert Hunters’ New Paradise

Miri has yet another great place to chat and enjoy everyday tea times with friends! It’s the very own Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice, now opened in Miri Time Square! As its name suggests, it’s a shop that sells a variety of fruit ice drinks, fruit shakes, snacks, danish toasts and so on. On top of that, they also sell fresh fruits. 

The interiors of Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice

The interiors of Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice

Compared to using unconventional products to attract customers, Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice pays more attention to the ingredients and original flavor of the food, and strives to be as simple as possible to retain customers. 

The objective of Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice is the quality assurance of ingredients and the consistency of taste. The quality of all food and fruits is constantly under the owner’s supervision. She even purchases the fruits on her own because she wants to present the best desserts to all her customers. Their fruit shaved ice all comes in big portion, thus is suitable for two to three pax to enjoy it together.

Food Showcase

Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice's Food and Desserts

Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice offers some irresistible delicacies you must not miss!

Now let’s take a look at some of the must-try at Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice, highly recommended by the owner!

Black Forest Danish Toast

Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice's Black Humour Danish Toast

Black Forest Danish Toast is wholly made from handmade bread.

As one of the signature picks at Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice, Black Forest Danish Toast is wholly made from handmade bread. The pastry chef has even more than 30 years of experience in breadmaking! Hence, it’s no wonder that the bread is baked to the point that it is immensely crispy on the outside but not dry on the inside. Not to mention that the two scoops of chocolate ice cream are adding to this masterpiece a moist texture. Definitely a choice if you are craving for something sweet this summer! 

Shaved Ice Series

Looking for healthy ways to satisfy your sugar cravings and outsmart your sweet tooth? Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice is a no-brainer choice! In case you don’t already know, the owner is a keen health advocate, thus she is very particular with the food ingredients and their original flavour when it comes to making their shaved ice series. Without further ado, let us introduce to you the four shaved ice you must try while keeping yourself healthy than ever!

Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice's 4 Desserts

The must-try four shaved ice at Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice!

1) Watermelon & Honeydew Fruits Shaved Ice – This is a good choice if you are looking for something not-too-sweet while staying hydrated. This shaved ice is fruity, but not strong-tasting because it’s mostly water. Many people like to eat watermelon and honeydew in the summer because they are wonderfully cool and refreshing.

2) Mango Shaved Ice – Exclusively made from Thai Mangoes, this shaved ice is dedicated for the dessert-buff millennials who cherish the fruit for its sweet fragrance and sappy flavour. The juicy, brightly yellow flesh of the mangoes, accompanied with chilly shaved ice and a scoop of vanilla ice cream are, no doubt, a heaven in your mouth.

3) Red Bean Shaved Ice – About to order that weekly boba tea of yours but find yourself getting bored of it? How about trying out something different with a slight twist? (Yes, we definitely mean this red bean shaved ice.) With red bean and boba toppings, this shaved ice makes a perfect summer dessert that will chill you down for sure!

4) Taro Milk Shaved Ice – Craving all things purple? Then this taro milk shaved ice is something you’d not want to miss! As an extremely popular dessert topping across the world, the fresh taros have the same starchy texture like mashed potatoes. In fact, they are sweet and nutty at the same time, and are ready to be served with a scoop of taro ice cream.

Snack Series

Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice's Golden French Fries & Chicken Popcorn

The French Fries and Borneo Chicken Popcorn are super delicious!

Craving for savory food after eating too much sweet ones? No worries! Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice also offers French Fries and Borneo Chicken Popcorn as part of their menu so you can satisfy your salt and sugar cravings simultaneously. These side snacks are remarkably scrumptious and crunchy it’s no lie that you’ll have a hard time forgetting their taste after trying them out!


For health enthusiasts who love fruits and desserts, Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice is the dessert shop that you should never, ever miss! It’s definitely a good place to go with friends to beat the summer heat. 

Considering the huge portion of the food, the price is actually very pretty reasonable! You can even share it with your friend if the portion is too much for you. 

At Borneo Fruit Shaved Ice, the desire to bring happiness to the world and the uncompromising emphasis on fruit freshness is synonymous to the owner’s commitment to provide top quality healthy desserts. Feel free to visit their Facebook Page if you want to know more about them!

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