The 10 Best Miri Boba Tea Spots


The 10 Best Miri Boba Tea Spots

Miri is loco for Boba. Miri boba tea spots are a stone’s throw away from each other. You can find one of these spots every few blocks here. But, despite that, they keep mushrooming.

Every Mirian has a special love for Boba. Are you mad about boba? Or, not really a fan? Regardless which, you must try at least one of the places listed below. If you weren’t already a fan, this will guarantee you become one. 

So, here are the 10 best Miri boba tea spots in no particular order. 


Malaysia boba

Known for dreamy pink decor and decadent vibrant drinks. Tea Co. just opened the end of last year but has become a staple go-to Miri boba tea spots. 

It’s no wonder! Tea Co. has a wide range of unique drinks. Many of which make great use of local exotic ingredients. And, pair ingredients you think won’t work together. But, surprisingly do so well

For example, their Mango Boom and Cheezo Dragon Fruit. Not to forget as well, they have delicious pastries that sell out like hotcakes

Macao Imperial Tea

Malaysia Boba

Yet another new one to the Miri boba tea spot scene but has established itself pretty well. It’s originally a popular overseas boba chain. 

Macao Imperial Tea is a pretty happening boba trove in the Boulevard Commercial area. It has a simple, industrial-themed interior in which refreshing drinks get churned out. All of which are so good that they guarantee people keep coming back for more.

The cakes, sweets, and pastries on display are just as good. Come to this Miri boba spot for some great boba and sinfully good dessert.

The Yunique Tea

miri boba place-unique

When it first opened, many thought, “Yet ANOTHER Miri boba tea spot so what’s new?”. But man has it proved Mirian’s wrong. 

It can be set apart from the other Miri boba spots because of one thing. That is it’s hand fried brown sugar boba. It’s so good it even rivals what many deem the best for brown sugar boba, Xing Fu Tang. Some even say Yunique is better. I agree to that.

I’ve been there multiple times, but I can never bring myself to getting anything other than their Hand Fried Brown Sugar Boba. You’d think milk, boba and brown sugar are such a basic mix. But, Yunique will prove you so wrong. 


miri boba tea spots-T4

You can thank T4 for the Miri boba tea spots boom. When it first opened, it was the spot to be. Be it for a date, hang out, do work, or even to study for SPM. Everybody had to be there. You can tell it’s popular among Mirians by the multiple T4 branches in Miri. 

Despite being rather old on the scene, their boba has never faltered. My favorite drink recommendations include the Kyoto Green Tea Latte, smoothies, and royal tea drinks. 

Also, if you’re feeling peckish on your boba tea run, T4 has delicious snacks you can enjoy like chicken popcorn and fried mushrooms.


miri boba tea spots-sharetea

Sharetea came about the same time as T4, and is just as good a Miri boba tea spot. Their drinks are so good because they never skimp on their drinks. The multiple branches in Miri stand proof of how good it is. 

One thing they do sets them apart from other places. That’s their rock salt and cheese series drinks. They were the first to have these cheesy type drinks in Miri. You think it doesn’t work but it does so well

I highly recommend their Matcha with Rock Salt and Cheese.

Golden Jade Taiwan Tea House

This is the newest addition to the Miri boba tea spots scene. It has a clean, minimalistic yet romantic interior. The drinks here are just as good as the other best places listed. But, this boba tea spot is different because it has a more relaxed vibe to it.

Besides the great drinks, you need to try their pastries. They have a nice variety of pastries that taste just as good as they look.


miri boba place-hicaa

When HiCaa first opened, it broke the Miri boba tea spots scene. People flocked to it to try the drinks. With that, also came the flock of people talking about how good HiCaa’s drinks are. 

The atmosphere inside is perfect for a friends’ hangout where you just chill and chat. All while enjoying decadently sweet drinks. All of HiCaa’s drinks are lush and either decadent or super refreshing.

Joy Tea

miri boba tea spots-joytea

It’s new and not as well known a Miri boba tea shop. But, people who go here, say the drinks are great. And, they have a wide range of drinks that differ from your run of the mill boba spots. The drinks here are so vibrant and colorful

If you want a more quiet bubble tea spot, come here. It may be less popular, but has some really interesting drinks. 


miri boba tea spots-regiustea

This hong kong boba tea chain is said to be the pioneer in cold brew cheese milk. The Miri Regiustea has a regal or fancy air to it. The interior has elegant lighting. It’s perfect for one who’s more into posh Miri boba tea spots.

Here, you have to have to try their cheese teas. Regiustea is one of the best in Miri for this. Not into cheese? Or, lactose intolerant? Don’t worry! They have a wide variety of drinks that people come time and time again here for. Their Harimau Pearl Milk Tea is a must try too. 

Do check out their social media for discounts and promotions. Regiustea has regular promotions on their drinks.

Samo Milk Tea

miri boba tea spots-samo-milk-tea

Samo gives you luscious Thai teas and soft, chewy boba. Samo Milk Tea is is a very popular Miri boba tea spot. Mirians love it for group hangouts. Something about the interior gives it vibrant positive vibes. 

To add, it has a bunch of games prepared for people to use and play while with friends. No wonder people who go here to hang out stay for hours on end.

If you go, you have to try the SAMO tower. How can you get any better than milk tea in a tower! Also, try out their newest menu item, the SAMO pot. They also have some really decadent cakes here.

Go nuts on Miri boba tea!

Miri’s boba craze is definitely real. So you can guarantee with all these spots, the boba must be really good. Given all the competition, right? All these places are definitely worth a try. My personal favorite go-to’s are The Yunique Tea and TEA CO. But, of course, every Mirian has their preferences. So, if you have yet decided a favorite, keep trying!

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