BEAM Johor #2, VCs to attend event and tell startups in Johor what they look for when investing – Inviting all Members of the Press and Media

BEAM Johor #2, VCs to attend event and tell startups in Johor what they look for when investing – Inviting all Members of the Press and Media

Following up on the success of its first event, BEAM Johor will be convening for the second time to help startups in Johor realize their business dreams. Based on feedback, the organizers will focus on transitioning business ideas into the digital space and securing funding.

This 5th May 2017, BEAM will be holding its second event following the success of its first. Based on feedback, the organizers have decided to focus its efforts on addressing another overwhelming concern that many business owners, specifically startups in Johor, face and need answers to: how to transition a business into the digital space successfully and secure funding from investors.

What is BEAM?

Bridging Entrepreneurs and Movers, or BEAM, is an event that aims to bring entrepreneurs and aspiring startup owners together in a fun yet insightful way to help them turn their business plans into reality.

Helping to connect companies and individuals from across the world is PEATIX, a global, mobile, online ticketing platform that provides organizers the tools they need to plan, reach out and manage their events. It is through this understanding of the digital space that has finally made it possible for otherwise isolated businesses to come together and work mutually towards a greater future.

You can download BEAM’s free app so you can touch get in touch with the international community of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Developers, Designers, Journalists, and professionals at anytime, anywhere:
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Event Details.

BEAM will be attended by entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals from the around Asia and the region. Already, about 20 to 30 start-ups in Johor have confirmed their attendance, some of which will be sharing their experiences and insights of their journey so far.

Highlights of the event include a panel address by prominent venture capitalists, as well as a big surprise guest that might turn up to further elaborate on how equity crowd funding and venture capitals work.

Attorneys and lawyers will also be in attendance to cover legal enquiries specific to the Malaysian law, and members of the press will also be present to cover the event.

The event will be held on the 5th of May 2017 at DreamSpace Shared Office, located at 1 Tebrau, Jalan Tebrau, Johor Bahru. Tickets are sold here at RM10 for the individual Early Bird ticket and RM15 for the 2 pax Early Bird ticket. General passes will be sold at RM25 on the day itself.

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