BEAM to release marketing tools needed for business branding and awareness

Beamcast marketing tools singapore

BEAM to release marketing tools needed for business branding and awareness

SINGAPORE: In a move to create more value in the business community, business social networking company, BEAM, has announced that it will be releasing its marketing tools to the public in the following weeks.

The tool, aptly named “Beamcast” (BEAM Broadcast) will allow users to instantly broadcast short messages to their followers and the BEAM community through a mobile application or the Web.

The tool will provide entrepreneurs and investors an affordable means to more effectively build partnerships, publish announcements and generate leads for their businesses.

In addition, BEAM has announced its intention to allow users to market their products and services, hire and find funding via the tool, which will be implemented in future. They put a timeline for the tools to start appearing on the Web within a few weeks, followed by mobile.

“As Entrepreneurs ourselves, our goal at BEAM has always been about bringing more value to the entrepreneurial community. We believe that giving people the tools to reach a greater audience while reducing their advertising spend could be especially helpful for startups and new companies that are just starting out.”, mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO of BEAM

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Overview of BEAM

BEAM is a global platform and events management company connecting people to business, investments, and career opportunities with users from over 20 countries.

Company name: BEAM PTE LTD

Established: October 2016

Representative: Benjamin Tan, VP of Marketing & Communications

The logos of BEAM and BEAM PTE LTD are the registered trademarks of BEAM PTE LTD in Singapore and Malaysia. All other trademarks included herein are the property of their respective owners.

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