BEAM Rebrands Under Fresh New Name BEAMSTART


BEAM Rebrands Under Fresh New Name BEAMSTART

The business social networking and professional service company, BEAM recently announced an official rebranding. The company is rebranding under the new name, BEAMSTART. This comes 3 years since their establishment. 

BEAM initially started out as events dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs. Doing so, in a fun, inspiring and insightful way. “Bridging Entrepreneurs Across Malaysia” or B.E.A.M in short for its name. 

The events kept growing in popularity. Eventually, it evolved into a full-fledged offline-to-online business social networking platform.


One of the company’s many events (Image via Facebook)


The company’s Marketing Art of War event (Image via Facebook)


CEO Kenneth Ho with attendees of the Private Luncheon with RADIA (Image via Facebook)


The company’s Business Expansion Art of War event (Image via Facebook)

Why is BEAM Rebranding Under The Name BEAMSTART?

Rebranding under the name BEAMSTART is mainly to break away “Beam”. A very generic and common term or name used by several companies. They want to avoid confusion by using the ubiquitous new brand name.

BEAMSTART is a new name. But, it still retains the familiarity and relevance to the original name BEAM. It also emphasizes the company’s focus on serving both startups and SMEs.



The company today provides a wide range of professional services and business solutions. It serves small and medium-sized companies across Asia. BEAMSTART has a significant presence in 10 cities across the continent.

BEAMSTART will double down on activities related to SME digitalization, talent solutions, and cross border commercialization for businesses across the region. All done to continue the momentum and move forward.

“Our mission has always been about serving the entrepreneurial community in the region. We hope that moving forward, the name BEAMSTART will be synonymous with ‘bridging entrepreneurs across markets’, as well as our role in serving the startups and small business communities,” mentioned Kenneth Ho, CEO.


It was started in Malaysia. It is a business social networking and professional services company. Its presence is widespread, in over 10 cities across Asia.

BEAMSTART offers a wide range of digitalization and market commercialization services, which range from technology infrastructure, market access, talent solutions, and more.

It was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs, Kenneth Ho and Wallace Ho. BEAMSTART’s mission is to bridge the South East Asian business ecosystem with valuable connections and resources in order to further propel the region’s economic development to greater heights.

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