BEAM #2 – Growing the Startup Community in Johor, Post-Event Report!

BEAM #2 – Growing the Startup Community in Johor, Post-Event Report!

iPrima Media and Beam Connect have hit it off again on the 5th May 2017 by collaborating to host an event for entrepreneurs, startups, and investors to come together and grow their organizations. The aim of this event is to build the startup community in Johor where startup founders and angel investors gather to meet.

This event was held at DreamSpace, a shared office suitable for startups with limited capital looking for cozy nice place to start their operations in Johor. Over 30 entrepreneurs from different industries were in attendance.

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Talks by Key Industry Players.

Several notable founders from various industries were invited including Ziv Kong from CR8TIVO and Cheah Wye Joon from CR8TIVO provides digital solutions like website design, mobile app development and creative production for small business and promotes equity crowdfunding platform that helps startups to raise funds and investors quality companies to invest in.

startup community in johor shaun talk

Shaun Ling, Founder of iPrima Media, delivering the opening speech for BEAM #2.

startup community in johor, QA with Ziv Kong and Cheah Wye Joon

Q&A Session with Ziv Kong from CR8TIVO and Cheah Wye Joon from

Topics that have been highlighted include planning for your start up company. Benjamin Franklin once said if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Ziv shared the same philosophy that planning is one of the most important things that you must do when you start your business. He realizes that many startups do not plan well – a key reason why most startups do not survive the beginning stage itself.

Other issues to be considered are funding and talents to grow with your company, mentioning that one particular profession that’s difficult to hire for are coders. To wrap up he said it’s better if startups plan from the start. Procrastinating will not benefit your company at all – don’t wait until you are ready to take action but instead take action to be ready. You could always start by increasing your digital presence with a reasonable investment.

Providing funding for non-listed companies.

In the norm only public limited companies get to sell their company’s stocks and shares. Cheah explained in simple terms that equity crowdfunding is when a crowd of people invests capital in a private company that has not been listed and they get the equity in exchange. Cheah believes that this can help startups who have great business ideas and plan to get started but lack of funding. At the same time it can also help investors to invest in promising startups.

The event continues with Q&A about the business system and startups ecosystem in Johor. During the Q&A session one thing that is noted by most of the startup owners that it is difficult to find a suitable talent to join their organisation.

The event then ended with casual networking sessions. It’s been another successful event by iPRIMA Media and Beam Johor! There are more networking events coming up soon. Please subscribe to our newsletter to get more updates on our next session.

Written by James Gary.

Sponsored by iPrima Media, BEAM, Dream Space.

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