Beach, Please!

Miri Beaches

Beach, Please!

Whale, hello there!


This week’s topic is the stunning beaches we have here in Oil Town Miri.

Everything changes but one thing that doesn’ the beach, even if people who visits it do. The beach is without a doubt, one of Mother Nature’s greatest gift to us. Eh, sounds so novel-ish eh. *chuckles*

Oft time, when Mirians are to travel out of Miri, you’ll surely hear them say, “I miss the sunsets in Miri.” or “Why are the beaches in (insert location name) is so far. I miss Miri. Hmm” The beaches in Miri are really just a drive away from town. That much needed rest or time away you seek from reality is just a drive away here.

Well then, these are the list of hot beaches in Miri that are often chosen by Mirians if they choose to watch the sunset or just a regular stroll down the beach.

Tanjong Lobang Beach

10 minutes drive from City Centre

Open to public

Tanjong Lobang Miri

Tanjung beach is one of the nearest beach from the city. Beach lovers can find the clean and improved Tanjung Beach. Nearby the beach lies the food outlets like KFC, PizzaHut and more.

With two piers jutting out into the South China Sea and views of Miri Marina and the lighthouse, this beach in Sarawak also boasts one of Borneo’s best sunsets. The adjacent food court serves up fresh seafood as diners enjoy the views in the early evening.

Piasau Boat Club

13 minutes drive from City Centre

Open to public. Entrance fee RM10

Piasau Boat Club Miri

PBC is one of my personal favourite go to beach. Events are usually held here on the weekends. The entrance fee of RM10 will not go to vain. You can use that to purchase drinks at the PBC restaurant.

There are also playgrounds, a basketball court and a mini skatepark too! Not only you can watch the flying hornbills, the lush pine trees overhanging around, your kids also can have the times of their lives by just being there!


16 minutes drive from City Centre

Esplanade Miri

Image credits to ChikHongPhotography

Old timey Mirians will remember that the Esplanade beach is the go-to place for a date, or just a regular stroll on beach. With expanding development in Miri, the beach now is no more a hideout but a beach where families and friends flock to spend their time.

The beach is located on the opposite side of Maktab Perguruan Miri, so it is very search friendly, no Waze or GMaps required. lelz

Tim’s Seaside Hideout

30 minutes drive from City Centre 

Tim's Seaside Hideout Miri

Tim’s Seaside Hideout is a homestay beach resort. Means you can stay here and enjoy the view of sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening.

Tim’s Seaside Hideout is a family run business, situated at a flawless area. The boutique homestay shoreline resort is pure, quiet and a decent escape at a sensible cost.

For more information on staying at Tim’s Seaside Hideout, click here.

Tusan Beach

39 minutes drive from City Centre

Tusan Beach Miri

The infamous Tusan Beach. I featured this baby in my previous article Miri, Lepak Places You Will Love. Shameless plug right there I know.


But this baby deserve it. The Tusan Beach has been one of Miri’s biggest attraction. This place is just stunningly gorgeous. Be it during the day or at night. If you get lucky, you’ll be able to catch the astonishing blue tears.

Bungai Beach

50 minutes drive from City Centre 

Bungai Beach Miri

Saving the best for the last. For that ‘Gram life, this beach is right up there with the best. Look at the scale of the sandy plains, it’s huge! This beach offered serenity as she is located pretty far from the city.

45km from the city center is pretty far now, innit? This beach is pretty clean considering the distance from the City so if a clean aesthatics is what you guys are aiming for, go for this beach. You can ditch the HB1 filter on VSCO and indulge in the natural colors of Bungai Beach!

Our beaches might not be as blue as the sky, or as clear as running tears, but we Mirians grow up with these beaches around and they’re the best thing we have as paradise in a blazing hot city. Beaches be making us closer with our friends and families, be one with our salty plains, and the best thing is, our sunsets never fail to soothe a stormy heart.

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