Basic Principles & Uses of Inverters

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Basic Principles & Uses of Inverters

Most of you who chose to read this probably know what inverters are but I’ll go through as simply as I can. An inverter is basically an electronic device that converts direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). It requires a DC input to work. In a DC power source such as a battery, the current flows in one direction. An inverter will physically reverse the current in repetitions to output AC.

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  1. Why is an inverter important?

As we all know energy stored in cells, which makes up almost every single battery in the world, has a DC output. Most home electrical appliances or machinery rely on AC power sources. In turn, anything that needs AC to run can’t run on a battery if it doesn’t have an inverter. The second reason is that long range power delivery lines carry DC due to its efficiency and minimal loss when sent over long distances. Thus, an inverter is required on the receiving end before it’s put through a device that needs AC.

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  1. Potential of inverters in the future.

Harvesting solar energy is growing in popularity nowadays due to its minimal impact on the environment and virtually no waste being produced on site. Solar energy can only be stored in batteries. Thus this exponentially increases the need for inverters being a conversion median of electricity.

  1. How do I know if I’m choosing a reliable inverter?

Manufacturers of good quality inverters usually have a proven recorded statistic to back up their recommended usage period of their products which usually is their recommended maximum runtime. Exceeding the recommended runtime of a product is basically introducing risk of downtime or even fatalities if machinery fails around personnel due to loss of power. Another thing to take note of when choosing an inverter is that one should always purchase according to specifications. Never get  an inverter that is below requirements of your specific usage.

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Inverters run the world, down from tiny pocket-able devices up to large scale factory equipment. Most of them will need this ingenious device present day and future. They should not be overlooked when designing an electrical system and should always be up to specific requirements.

Overall, they are a nifty concept which spawned from the battle of Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison with it being the middle man of every transaction from DC to AC. The opposite of it would be called a converter which is the opposite, but that’s a topic for another day.

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