A&W returning to Singapore after 10 year hiatus due to popular demand.

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A&W returning to Singapore after 10 year hiatus due to popular demand.

SINGAPORE: After a 10-year long hiatus, All-American A&W will be returning to Singapore due to popular demand, so get ready for more root beer goodness along with everything else tasty.

The fast-food restaurant chain announced that it reopen its doors in Singapore by the second half of 2018. A&W CEO Kevin Bazner comfirms that overwhelming requests coming in on a daily basis pushed the decision to bring the brand back to the Singapore market, with over 17,200 Facebook likes and followers by the time this article is being written.

He added that while the restaurant will of course retain its classic menu including coney dogs, curly fries and root beer floats, A&W Singapore will be creating a brand new selection that will cater to local tastes. Care will be taken to ensure that the menu will be halal certified, and all its beef will be imported from Australian sources.

While the location of the outlets have yet to be confirmed, Kevin Bazner said that they will be placed at strategic locations, specifically “in key neighbourhood towns and regions as well as commercial malls and central business districts” and will be making A&W Singapore its Southeast Asia flagship.

Source: CNA

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