Author:Justine Foong

5 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up Kyudo!

More of a ceremonial art-form than competitive sport, "kyūdō" is unique for its focus as a contemplative discipline that promotes the ideals of shin-zen-bi, truth-goodness-beauty. Like all Budō arts, kyudo incorporates the ideals of moral and spiritual development, and the attitude that practitioners should take toward material things,...

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Treasure Crest Executive Condominiums at Anchorvale Crescent, Sengkang; why it’s worth considering leasehold EC.

Located at Anchorvale Crescent, Sengkang, Treasure Crest executive condominiums (EC) looks to be one of the most affordable executive condominium projects in Singapore since the first executive condominium site was completed back in June 2011. Treasure Crest Developers, Sim Lian (Anchorvale) Pte Ltd, had secured the site from...

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What is a Carry Trade?

Carry trades is the method of earning a profit by buying a currency with a low interest rate and using it to buy an equivalent amount of a currency with a high interest rate, and then earning off the differences in interest rate yields of...

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