The Artists of Borneo Jazz Festival 2019

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The Artists of Borneo Jazz Festival 2019

Get excited! Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 is so close. Just a few more nights until Miri’s hottest festival goes down. Have you gotten your tickets yet? Are you excited to see the beautiful amalgam of local and international jazz artists lined up?


If you haven’t gotten tickets yet, worry not. Tickets are still on sale! Use our code “PrimaBuzz” for a 5% discount. This year’s Borneo Jazz Festival is definitely not one to miss! The line up is fire!


So, if you don’t already know who’s lined up, here’s who to expect during the three fire nights at Borneo Jazz Festival 2019. There are a total of around 30 acts lined up.


Near To Home: The Borneon Talents


ARABYRD, Ashraf Hardy, Clinton Chua, and Pete Kallang (Images via, Instagram)


Let’s start with the homegrown talents. We have a few lined up from our very own land of hornbills. First off, we have Arabyrd. She’ll be serving the audience electronic “Booty bass music” sure to get people on their feet. Besides that, expect Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, and Rock fusion artist Asyraf Hardy.


Next, is Miri’s very own voice of an angel, Clinton Chua. Also performing is Sarawakian gem, Pete Kallang. Who, is dubbed the vocal ‘Prince of Borneo’ by many of his fans. These two will inflict eargasm after eargasm with their velvety soulful voices.

benzooloo-zed-pearce-borneo jazz festival 2019

Benzooloo and Zed Pearce (Images via

Two other Borneons will be gracing the stage. Of which are Sabahan Hip Hop artist, Benzooloo and Bruneian rapper Zed Peace.


Support Local: Malaysians Talents Gracing Borneo Jazz Festival 2019

dasha-logan-wjna-borneo jazz festival 2019

Dasha Logan and WJNA (Images via, Instagram)


Gideon Yogan and Joe Balanjiu Jr. (Images via Facebook, Instagram)


Next, are the Malaysian acts from across the sea. First off is Jazz, Funk, Soul and R&B singer Dasha Logan. As well as,  the sultry soulstress NJWA. Besides that, get excited for artists Gideon Yogan and Joe Balanjiu Jr.


Rainbow Children, Lewis Pragasam, Michael Verstappen, and Julian Chan (Images via Facebook,


Then, witness something definitely unique. When, Asia’s first Prince-inspired tribute band, Rainbow Children take the stage. Possibly the most hyped local artist in the lineup is the rapper, Joe Flizzow. His performance is sure to bring ‘havoc’ in Coco Cabana.


Acclaimed Malaysian musicians will be showcasing their talent too. One of Asia’s leading percussionists, Lewis Pragasam will perform. Besides that, be ready to get swayed by jazz pianist Michael Veerapen’s keys.

Next, prominent saxophonist/ flutist Julian Chan will grace the stage. Get excited! Because he’ll be performing alongside the community jazz orchestra formed by him, the Julian Chan Jazz Orchestra.


The International Lineup of International Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 Talents 

alberto marsico diego borotti alina ramirez ireson

Alberto Marsico, Diego Borotti, Alina Ramirez and her band, IRESON (Images via Facebook,


And of course, the line up is incomplete without a repertoire of international jazz artists. All of which hail from all around the world. You will get to see artists from Italy, Mexico, USA, Japan, and many other countries.


First off expect a blues, soul, and funk-infused performance from the Alberto Marsico Trio of Italy. Other than that, musician Diego Borotti, also from Italy is performing. Next on the lineup is beautiful Latin pianist Alina Ramirez and her band, IRESON from Mexico. Together, they’ll serve up a performance showcasing a beautiful fusion of Latin and Jazz music.


Christy Smith, Chandra Rule and Robo Jupiter (Images via, Instagram)


Jay Jackson, Marques Young and Kirk Lightsey (Images via

There are a few acts hailing from the US of A. Expect strong-voiced songstress Chandra Rule and bassist Christy Smith. Hip hop artist, Robo Jupiter is set to deliver an expressive performance. Other American musicians performing include Jay Jackson and Marques Young. Lastly, get excited for the soulful Kirk Lightsey Trio.


DJ Maestro, Fox Capture Plan and Jasmine Chen (Images via Instagram)


From the Netherlands, expect to see renowned Amsterdam based deejay, DJ Maestro. Then, from the far east, get excited for contemporary Japanese Jazz-Rock band, Fox Capture Plan. Last on the lineup is the beautiful Chinese singer-songwriter, Jasmine Chen. Who, had three of her own songs on the Crazy Rich Asians official soundtrack.  


What Are You Waiting For?


Image via Facebook.


Get to witness all of those acts live over three nights of all that jazz! To add, the emcee through it will be Papi Zak. If you don’t already know him, he’s a popular Malaysian entertainer, known for his funny bone. Do get your tickets ASAP so you don’t miss out on such a lit mix of local and international artists.

Borneo Jazz Festival 2019 will be happening this upcoming 19 – 21 of July. Come and enjoy three nights of lively performances at Coco Cabana, Miri, Sarawak. It’s an event not to be missed!


Besides the nights full of stellar performances, expect interesting activities and exhibitions. All of which are planned throughout the daytime. Some of which include music workshops, yoga classes, and an art exhibition. Therefore, you’re guaranteed no shortage of things to do and see during Borneo Jazz Festival 2019.

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