Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 in Kuching

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Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 in Kuching

When it comes to things Sarawak is known for, many won’t guess fashion. However, Alta Moda Sarawak is changing that perception.

This platform is growing the local fashion scene. And, hitting milestones while at it. Just recently Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 was held in Kuching.

What is Alta Moda Sarawak 2019?

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Alta Moda Sarawak is a brand platform for local talent. Alta Moda means ‘high fashion’ in Italian. This platform allows local talent to come together and showcase their talent. Be it in fashion, arts, or culture.

It is soon set to be the leading platform for fashion in South East Asia. Currently, it’s the most influential and prominent of its kind in Malaysia.

Alta Moda Sarawak holds occasional inaugural fashion showcases. Where, local talent has the chance to showcase work without having to venture overseas. It also gives locals the “high fashion at your doorstep” experience.

Alta Moda Sarawak is an eventful fashion showcase. It highlights Sarawak’s vibrant culture and diversity in an alternative means. Which is fashion. And, while doing so it highlights fashion as the core of lifestyle.

This anticipated event is hoped to eventually become an annual occurrence. This year, Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 was held from the 7-9 of March. Location? At the historical old State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Building in Kuching. The theme this year was “Colors of Sarawak”.

Fashion as an Alternative Means To Attract Tourists

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Chief Minister Datuk Abang Johari, his wife and other guests at Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 (Images via Facebook)

Alta Moda Sarawak could not have hosted this event without help from its partners. Among which were the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Youth. And, the Sarawak Tourism Board.

Making Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 a frequented event was part of a government goal. Which is to grow Sarawak’s tourism sector. The event was an initiative part of the Visit Sarawak Campaign.

The parties hoped the event could attract tourists through an alternative means. Which was showcasing Sarawak’s culture and diversity through fashion.

All parties involved aim to redefine Kuching as the fashion capital of Sarawak.

Diverse Creations With a Unique Traditional Sarawakian Touch

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Some of the many unique creations on showcase during Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 (Images via Facebook)

“Colours of Sarawak” was the theme set for Alta Moda Sarawak 2019. Why? To showcase the exotic beauty and rich cultural heritage of Borneo.

Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 was a trove of works that perfectly highlighted the theme. The 24 designers in attendance showcased exquisite work. Most of which was the beautiful amalgam of tradition, culture, and fashion.

These works included a Pua Kumbu inspired collection and re-conceptualized Melanau traditional attire. Besides that, was dapper menswear with tribal hints and redesigned traditional costumes. As well as, handcrafted bead accessories, songket weaving, keringkam embroidering, and others.

Other designers showcased couture jewelry, dramatic evening gowns, fierce shoes, and trendy streetwear.

Local artists also attended and showcased their artwork. Among which was 9-year old Azaira Mohd Nizam from the Dyslexia Association of Sarawak.

Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 Highlights

highlights-alta moda sarawak

Some highlights during Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 (Images via Facebook)

Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 was an event-packed 3 days.

We entertained with haute fashion shows, a designer search competition, and philanthropic activities. Star-studded press events and VIP appearances were aplenty too. Besides that, the three days were dabbled with lively singing and dancing performances.

On the final night of Alta Moda Sarawak 2019, goers were entertained with a gala dinner. The theme for the night was “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”. Goers were dressed to impress in their trendy fashionable outfits.

During which awards were given in recognition to some Sarawakians. The recognition was for their contribution to the local fashion scene. The awards included Designer, Model, and Entrepreneur of The Year.

Everyone who’s everyone was there

attendees-alta moda sarawak

Some of the big names in attendance at Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 (Images via Facebook)

Big name local and international designers were, of course, staple attendees. There was no shortage of them. Among the designer line up were:

Besides the staple designers were the creme-de-la-creme of Sarawakian society. Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 was graced with top Government officials and celebrity guests. Of which were radio and TV presenters, beauty queens, influencers and foreign representatives.

Some of the big government officials who attended included:

  • Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Abang Johari Tun Openg
  • Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports Datuk Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah
  • Toh Puan Datuk Patinggi Ragad Kurdi Taib (wife of the Governor of Sarawak)
  • Minister of Youth and Sports Datuk Snowdan Lawan

Borneo’s Fashion Event of The Year

alta moda sarawak-awards

Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 award recipients (Images via Facebook)

Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 proved such a success. The event is sure to leave a legacy of innovation among our Sarawakians.

It put Sarawak on the map as a possible forerunner in the fashion industry. Chief Minister Datuk Abang Johari is hopeful. He predicts the industry flourishing locally within a few years.

Besides that, Alta Moda Sarawak 2019 promoted Sarawak’s variety of ethnicities and cultures. The event provided a unique and alternative cultural experience for visiting tourists.

So, it definitely achieved its goal to garner a tourism boost for the state. Hopefully, Alta Moda Sarawak will continue to garner momentum for Sarawak’s fashion and tourism industry in its years to come.

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