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McDonald’s Malaysia Celebrates Merdeka by Changing Its Name To ‘Mekdi’

You can now spot the big ‘Mekdi’ sign loud and proud above McDonald’s Malaysia’s Bukit Bintang outlet. McDonald’s Malaysia has decided to embrace the name Malaysians so affectionately call the fast-food chain. What better way to show appreciation than by wearing the name boldly, right?...
Lim Xin

Lim Xin, The Next Kpop Idol….From Malaysia

Lim Xin, 17 years-old hailing from Johor; the first trainee in Southeast Asia to receive direct admission to the Korea Perfection A-Star Scholarship from STC Academy Korea . The self taught student never thought that one day she would receive a scholarship for her passion. Blessed...
Curtin Malaysia - Founders Club Feature Image

Curtin Malaysia Named Among Best Schools For Entrepreneurship

Curtin Malaysia Named Among Best Schools For Entrepreneurship. Miri, 14th December 2018 – The establishment of The Founders Club has promoted Curtin University, Malaysia to become one of the best schools to get a head start on entrepreneurship. In just 2 years, The student club not only manages to leave a mark in Sarawak, but also in the whole of Malaysia as an entrepreneur community hub.

Malaysia Will Have 50 Public Holidays in 2019!

But Malaysians Are Not Entitled To All 50 Public Holidays. Most people love holidays. When they hear “holiday”, they will immediately think of getaways from work, and start planning their trips around it. To some people, holidays are a sigh of relief from their hectic, high stress work lifestyle. For them, holiday means being able to sleep in, or spend time with their loved ones.