8 Must-go Romantic Restaurants Here in Miri


8 Must-go Romantic Restaurants Here in Miri

It’s the romantic season and you know it. Love is in the air! Especially with Valentine’s day inching closer and closer. Doesn’t it seem like most of the people are in relationships now? Especially after the new year right?

Singles not to be left out, we have you covered too. Being single doesn’t equate to being lonely. What better time to embrace self-love than when single, right? After all, how can you love someone when you don’t love yourself first?

Since Valentine’s day is coming up, all you lovers may be planning a romantic meal out with your loved one. And, the singles may also be planning a romantic friend outing to avoid being alone at home.

Out of ideas on where to eat with your loved one or friends? Fret not. This article lists 8 must-go romantic restaurants in Miri. Get taken on a feast journey all around the world without leaving this little city.

1. On a Budget but Feeling a Little Fancy? Bonzer Restaurant @ Kingwood Hotel


The decor within Bonzer Restaurant @ Kingwood Boutique Hotel Miri

Not many know about this gem. It has great, upscale food at a great price. They serve western, Asian, and fusion food. One really cool fusion dish they have is their spaghetti lemak. A lot of the western dishes you can get here are unique too.


Some of the Western dishes served here

They have special sharing platters apt for couple or friends to share during your romantic dinner. The sleek interior adds to the romantic feel within. Feast on great food while surrounded by romantic dim lighting and chic furniture decor. Conducive for taking as many dreamy date pictures.


Some of the Asian or fusion dishes served here

If you and your loved one(s) end up feeling extra romantic, make a night of your meal. Book a room for the night at Kingwood Boutique Hotel. Get filled up with good food then head up to maybe rattle some sheets and burn off all the good food together. Or, just chill and watch a movie in if that’s more your thing.

2. Laid Back Subs and Pizza Date @ Cafeine Port


Subs, pizza pocket, and pizza served here

Fancy dates not really your style? Romantic meals don’t always have to be fancy. They can just as well be laid back and simple. As long as you do it together it constitutes as a date right? After all, it’s all about the person you’re with. If you’re a more laid back couple or group, Cafeine Port is an ideal romantic spot.

With the new addition of Dough Factory there, you can get your fill on all things dough. They have insane subs, deliciously melty pizzas, and hot out of the oven pizza pockets. Order some cute lattes, and sinful desserts to go with your romantic doughy meal.


Some of the drinks and desserts served here

Dine on great affordable food then indulge on life’s finest; good coffee and even better desserts. Pro tip: finish off your romantic meal with a sinful slice of chocolate cake. They say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. *wink wink*

The minimalist and quiet interior adds to the romantic mood. If you want a more laid back cafe style date, opt to sit at one of the many sofa seats.

3. Brunch it Out or Grab Romantic Dinner @ Piato Bistro


Some of the brunch options available here

Not a lot of things are cuter date ideas than a brunch date. You see it in movies all the time. How often do you even go on brunch dates anyways? Why not make an occasion out of it?

If brunch is or isn’t your style, you have to try out Piato Bistro’s brekkie. Hands down, best western brunch spot in Miri. Where else can you get perfect eggs benedict in Miri?

However, if brunch isn’t really your style, they have a great lunch and dinner menu. They have a great variety of food. Get anything Western from juicy grilled duck breast to succulent tender chicken chop. They even have delicious Asian choices too.


Some of the lunch and dinner options served here

So, if you and your partner enjoy opposite ends of the taste spectrum, this place will satisfy both of you. The interior ambiance and dim lighting make it all the more romantic. As if the food wasn’t already enough to sway you and your loved one(s).


The atmosphere within Piato Bistro

4. Food and a Few Drinks Your Style? Choose Your Poison @ King’s Park


Some of the western menu options available here

Do you and your lover enjoy relaxed adult dates? Particularly ones where the hard stuff is involved (let me rephrase myself, I mean the hard stuff you can drink!). Head on over to King’s Park Miri in Marina Phase 1.

King’s Park has a great date atmosphere to the place. To add, the food is delicious and all at reasonable prices. They have a great array of Western and Asian food. Get all the good stuff from salmon steak, lamb cubes, pizza, pasta, and juicy steak to your Asian favorites here.


Some of the Asian menu options available here

So, if you fancy something a little more lavish but at affordable prices, head on here. If you enjoy fun juice with your romantic meals, they definitely have any alcohol for any taste. An alcohol fiend’s pro tip is to go during happy hour. Need I explain why? More bang for your buck! Do drink responsibly though. Have fun but still abide by the law.

The atmosphere and good food not enough to set a romantic mood? every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Public Holiday night there’s live music. Get to enjoy your romantic dinner with live music in the background. Better ambiance and more romance.

5. Feeling Italiano? Go Italiano @ Santinos Pizza


The calzone, baked pasta dishes, Caesar salad, and garlic bread served here

Here, experience a quiet dining experience with a romantic air to it. The dreamy lights, slow songs, ambiance, and great food make the place an ideal romantic meal spot. Get to dine on probably the best Italian food in town here.


The pizza, garlic bread, baked pasta, and chicken wings served here

Santinos makes hands down some of the best pizzas and calzones in Miri. All this, for a reasonable price and good service to match. It’s no wonder its such a popular date spot among Mirians. Be they millennials or elders.

6. Exotic Northern Indian Food @ Biryani Art


Some of the many Indian dishes served here

Indian food deserves more exposure, especially as a romantic meal option. Oft times when people decide to eat it they think of open-air places that seem far from a romantic date spot. But, Miri does have more upscale Indian restaurants ideal for a romantic outing.

Feast on authentic Northern Indian food in a romantic atmosphere at Biryani Art. Biryani Art is a game changer for the Indian food scene in Miri.

Here, you can get great authentic Indian food in a more upscale environment. The quiet air and cozy feel of the restaurant sets a romantic feel.

Feast on the soft rotis, succulent meat kebabs and rich masalas with your loved one(s) here. Also, enjoy the spice-by-the-grain biryanis, sinful desserts, and tangy, fresh lassis.


More food options that are available at Biryani Art

Switch it up! Western food doesn’t have to be the only romantic meal option.

7. Go Oriental with a Romantic Dimsum Breakfast Date@ Han Palace


The array of dim sum served here

Is a romantic getaway somewhere far is out of your budget? Instead, compromise with a romantic meal that takes your taste buds around the world! Go to an oriental restaurant together and have your taste buds whisked away to the far east.

Are you and your loved one(s) dim sum fiends? If yes, or even no, you need to go to Han Palace at Grand Palace Hotel. Feast on an array of gourmet dim sum platters and Chinese cuisine at Miri’s best halal dim sum spot.

Romantic meals don’t always have to be dinner meals. Switch it up! Make breakfast a romantic affair too. After all, anytime is date time if you’re with the right person, right?

Mix up your typical breakfast outings at this romantic oriental restaurant. Han Palace has their tantalizing dim sum array every day. Go and feast on the variety in the chic atmosphere.

8. Food from the Land of the Rising Sun @ Sushi Zanmai


Some of the many sushi platters served here

Japanese cuisine can tend to be a little expensive in Miri. So, it’s considered a privilege to eat. Therefore, Mirians don’t eat it as often. Or, only have it as a go-to special occasion meal.

So, what better romantic meal to have than Japanese cuisine? Sushi King may be the most budget-friendly option. But, it doesn’t particularly have that romantic air. Luckily, Mirians were recently blessed with the opening of a Sushi Zanmai branch in Miri Times Square.


Some of the other menu options served here

The new Sushi Zanmai has minimalist and chic decor sure to set a romantic mood for any couple or group. The food there is of great quality and taste for a price that’s second to Sushi King or Donya.

So, craving a romantic Japanese meal with reasonable prices and an upscale environment? Sushi Zanmai is the best place for you.

So, are you now feeling inspired for the upcoming Valentine’s day? You don’t have to wait that long to go on a romantic meal out. Any day can be Valentine’s day or a special occasion with the right person/ people, right? Go on over to any one of these romantic restaurants and have your taste buds tickled.

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