7 Worthiest Companies For Singapore-Malaysia Workers


7 Worthiest Companies For Singapore-Malaysia Workers


Singapore-Malaysia Workers

No ifs, ands or buts, the COVID-19 Pandemic has had phenomenal economic effects COVID-19 Pandemic has had phenomenal economic effects on individual and nation all over the world. Unfortunately, many Singapore-Malaysia workers lose their job due to this crisis while at no other time seen boost bundles to secure and bolster enormous endeavors, SMEs, just as conventional residents, are either in progress, or have just been actualized in different nations, which is giving significant help. Unfortunately, many Singapore-Malaysia workers lose their job due to this crisis while at no other time seen boost bundles to secure and bolster enormous endeavors, SMEs, just as conventional residents, are either in progress, or have just been actualized in different nations, which is giving significant help. As an outcome, there will be a huge number of employments that will fundamentally change, or be lost for acceptable on a worldwide scale.

YES! It is painful to lose a dream job all of a sudden and due to limited job employment but you have to believe these Singapore-Malaysia workers or any unemployed people that YOU ARE NOT JOBLESS ANYMORE! How is that possible? It is definitely possible with these 4 worthiest companies that I am going to list for you which are iPrima Media, HM Synergy, DHM and CT Unity. You can change the fate and restart your life with this golden opportunity. Bare in mind that, with Life Restart not only provide you with new job opportunities but low cost accommodation for you to stay by 3 more companies which are Roof Talk, RentRadise and Widebed under Airbnb arrangement. Do not pause but scroll further to figured out more on these 4 companies. Exciting job opportunities awaiting for you here! 


  1. IPrima Media 

Why iPrima Media? How they operates? iPrima Media is No.1 Trusted Growth Marketing Agency that helps and coaches entreprenuers, freelancers and SME business to grow online with proven digital marketing strategies. Like a cherry on top, iPrima Media provides the talents with free training sessions with their talented mentors to grow together as a digital marketer. As everyone knows, world towards digitalization definitely needs more digital marketer in the upcoming future so what are you waiting for? Worrying that you have no experience as a digital marketer? Zero experience in Marketing field? No worries guys because appropriate trainings will be given and eligible mentors are there to guide you at anytime. Do you even know that, you will get the chance to work from home with just having your lappy, mobile phone and wifi on? Simple yet skillful as well as high chance to be permanent employee. 

iPrima Media Logo

Credits: iPrima Media

  1. HM Synergy 


    Credits: HM Synergy

If you are interested to become an insurance agent or you are still a newbie, always remember that HM Synergy always there to lift up you in your career. HM Synergy is a strategic place for you to become an excellent insurance agent with proper guidance and principals. Patience is just enough to form you as a superior or expert consultant where hired employees able to earn some profit while do the best job for the Insurance & Takaful Companies that we represent. Let’s achieve our goals together. A proper little do-gooder, Am I right? 

  1. DHM 


    Credits: DHM

Love to speak? Then Dream Home Maker is a beautiful platform for you to become and trained as a Live Host. Wow! Just Imagine your face and voice recognized by everyone all over the world via social media platforms now. Awesome isn’t it? Dream Home Maker not only makes someone’s home beautiful but helps unemployed people’s dream to come true. Do not hesitate this opportunity if you are interested to become a proactive Live Host with Life Restart. 

Explore your talent in a quick period of time with us and become our one of most effective employee now. “Opportunities are never lost; they go to someone who’s awake and ready to host them attentively.” – Vincent Okay- 

  1. CT Unity 

CT Unity provides the hired employees some best trainings to produce highly qualified and experienced property consultants and agents who are all set to provide the customers the strategies, knowledge and confidence in making right choices. As a property agent, you are able to extend hands and hearts in helping someone pick the best kind of space that they desire. This would be the right platform to step your feet and learn more on how to excel your knowledge as a property agent. Does anyone know that the economic crisis has inevitably given rise to a demand for property agents in the country? Let’s be a wise thinker and undoubtedly gain your lifetime profit with us. As everyone says, You will know the worth, when you give a try!

CT Unity

Credits: CT Unity

  1. Roof Talk 

Why fear when Roof Talk is here. Yes! Roof talk provides the employees some hostels or rooms to stay. Basic dorms & rooms with shared bathrooms in a maritime-themed hostel offering free Wi- Fi. This make your life much easier preventing the chase for cheap rooms. 

Roof Talk

Credits:Roof Talk

  1. RentRadise 

RentRadise the most rated premium vacation rental in Johor Bahru providing the employees some low cost rooms. Believe me, these rooms are convenient and conducive for all workers after a tight schedule. Definitely a good room or ambience gives someone new hope and sleep. 


Credits: Rentradise

  1. Widebed 

Let’s feel the pioneer stay with Widebed with zero stress for you. Widebed provides you hassle-free rental host and safe rooms to stay at cheaper cost. Absolutely, cheaper and concierge services should be cherished all the time. 


Credits: Widebed

Now, I believe you have explored and drawn some ideas on the new job opportunities available right in front of your screen. For instance, Singapore-Malaysia workers and unemployed people encouraged to grab this opportunity without any further delay as these might make wonders in your life. What else you want when job, training and accommodations are given to you under one roof? This definitely a life changing opportunity for those whom looking for skillful job and experience. So guys, step forward and pick your job without any more hesitation.  As a result, Make a wise decision, No second thoughts to get engaged with us the -Life Restart-. HOPE, POSITIVE, START AGAIN.

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