5 Brilliant Online Marketing Tactics That Attract Customers to Your Restaurant/Café

digital marketing tactics

5 Brilliant Online Marketing Tactics That Attract Customers to Your Restaurant/Café

Anyone who is in F&B (Food & Beverage) industry will understand the pain of having tons of competitors. But how can we stand out in this cut-throat competition?

Online marketing.

marketing tactics

Well, having your eatery at a prime location does help… but that is not enough if you want to do better than just barely covering the killer rental – and rising labour and food costs.

The internet has made your customers smarter (and less loyal) by giving them a plethora of choices. One simple search on their mobile phone will give them thousands of choices. Not only that, they are constantly bombarded by advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc…

Bottom line is, you can either leverage the internet to grow – or risk getting wiped out eventually by sticking to traditional marketing tactics.

That means getting your business online to build your brand awareness and attract more customers. Here are 4 proven marketing tactics that will help you stand out and generate more predictable revenues:

Get Ranked On 1st Page of Google (SEO)

online marketing tactics

“What are we eating later?” Whenever this question arises, most people will start searching Google for nearby or recommended restaurants (speaking from experience).

So, the first thing you must do is to let your restaurant/cafe be “seen” on the search engine. You can start by adding your establishment to local online directories. And perform some search engine optimization (SEO) to rank your website on the 1st page of Google for targeted search terms used by your customers.

However, to get a high ranking in the search engine is not an easy job. So you might want to seek for professional help to do that.

Showcase Your Food and Restaurant (On Mobile)

marketing tactics

Simply go to any social media platform or search engine and type “food porn”. You’ll understand how much people appreciate a well-decorated plate of food.

A picture speaks a thousand words.


Nowadays, showcasing your business on social media is no longer optional.

If you do it right, you can get tons of free advertisement, as your followers love to share appealing pictures and videos of your food and restaurant with their friends and families on social media (mostly on mobile). This will help increase your brand awareness – and eventually more customers.

Start showcasing your mouth-watering food regularly on mobile platforms like Facebook and Instagram to seduce your customers to visit your restaurant/cafe today.

Giving the Positive Vibes (Branding)

marketing tactics

Add on some inspiring quotes or wordings to your posting to create positive vibes for your branding. With your dazzling photos of food/beverage, gorgeous environment, and all the positive vibes, you can attract more people to give your restaurant/cafe a try – and share their wonderful experience with their friends on social media.

In fact, sharing your photos online is no longer just about the food. People are always looking for a nice, positive ambiance to enjoy their meal or a cup of coffee, especially teenagers. So, bear in mind not to only share pictures of your food and drinks, but also the inviting environment of your restaurant/café – your chic interior design and décor, as well as your smiley hardworking staff.

Getting an Influencer Involved

marketing tactics

Studies have shown that 64% of teenagers are willing to try the products their favourite Youtube stars are using. Don’t be surprised. This is because YouTubers are better at developing strong relationships (making engagements) with the audience. Their fans can often relate to their stars and trust their opinions a lot.

The most important thing you have to do  is to find a popular influencer that matches the image of your restaurant/cafe. Their personality and audience must benefit your business. Go to YouTube and start doing some research, there are plenty of food vloggers you can work with!

That said, it can be quite pricey to invite a famous food blogger to try out (and talk about) your restaurant/cafe. But if done right, you would never regret it. Because once the video/vlog goes viral on the internet, your brand can reach millions of people. The next thing you know, throngs of customers from all walks of life will visit your restaurant/café and skyrocket your sales.

Offers! Promotions! Events!

marketing tactics

Offering promotions such as “Buy 1 FREE 1”, “Facebook like and share”, online coupons, etc. are some of the ways to spread your brand like wildfire, especially if you are just getting started.

People are always looking out for new places to eat and chill… and to be honest, it is a pretty good deal to get free (or cheap) food just by liking and sharing about you on social media.

If you’ve been in business for a while, all the more you should incorporate interesting promotions and events in your marketing efforts.

For example, McDonald’s had recently came up with a brilliant #NoDrinkChallenge. They challenged their customers to have their new Double Spicy McDeluxe without drinking a sip of water while going live on Facebook. The successful contestants get to win a FREE burger!

Add some exciting elements into your own marketing mix, and get people to start talking about you!

The tricks we’ve just shared are just a few of the many online marketing tactics you can use to create more buzz and attract more customers.

digital marketing tactics

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