4 Tips to Jump Start your Digital Marketing Career.

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4 Tips to Jump Start your Digital Marketing Career.

With smartphones and internet connectivity becoming ever more universal, online marketing is has been overtaking traditional advertising at a rapid rate. With its accurate tracking, analytics capabilities and significantly lower costs, an advertising career as a digital marketer is as promising as it is exciting.

And, despite the high initial time investment and hard work needed to make it as an digital marketer, the upside is that it’s relatively easy to get started. Many start affiliate marketing (which is easier to do) but with experience many digital marketers move on to promote their own products and services, or hire their skills out to clients.

1. Find a good partner to work with and learn from.

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A big challenge that most fresh grads will face upon graduation is finding a good company to join where they can practice and learn new skills to develop their long-term career plans. Many don’t realise the importance of joining a good company from the start, which will give them the best experience they will need to progress.

2. Start with Personal Network.

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One of the more difficult aspects about becoming a successful digital marketer is building your network and connections. Building and maintaining the right network is essential for a digital marketer, which will comprise popular bloggers and high traffic websites that will boost the outreach of what you’re trying to promote online, mentors and consultants to show you neat tricks and tips, to even celebrities who can give your promotions the star-power they need.

If you’re short on time or don’t have the resources to commit to building a network you can sign up for digital marketing growth communities to get that instant leverage.

3. Build your online brand awareness.

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Using a website built from WordPress or similar applications, you can build your online brand awareness to let people find you so that they can see what you have to offer. With good SEO and branding practices (e.g. using the same logo for your products and services all the time), a digital marketer will be able to increase the flow of organic traffic (as opposed to paid ads) to their website so that it’s getting the attention it needs. Good content and timely, polite responses to customer queries are just as important to give your business a good reputation – and keep those customers coming back!

4. Compile an up-to-date email list.

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From the moment that customers start patronizing your website and products, it’s time to start building an email list to keep a record of their shopping behaviour and habits. This is important step as this list contains customers that have already shown an interest in your products and are willing to pay for it. It’ll help you avoid wasting time sending off thousands of emails that are not only unlikely to get a response, but could even result in your business brand becoming public enemy number one and shooing away potential customers in a big way (definitely not something you want!).


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