3 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Quartz Countertop

3 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Quartz Countertop

Quartz kitchen countertops are commonly used by Malaysian homeowners. It is created from a mixture of quartz, resins, polymers, and other pigments; resulting in a sturdy, artistic, and reliable countertop material that can rival even the natural stones; hence considered as one of the top choices for kitchen countertops in Malaysia.

However, to ensure that your countertop is able to last longer, we have included some useful tips to maintain your quartz kitchen countertops below:

Keep Your Countertop Dry

Quartz countertop is known to be less porous and shows higher resistance to stains and liquids than most stone materials. But a prolonged exposure to liquids can still be damaging to the quartz surface in the long run. Hence, it is advised to make it a habit to wipe away all liquid stains from the kitchen countertop. Examples of corrosive liquids that might erode quartz surface after long-term exposures are tea, coffee, fruit juices, and soft drinks. Besides that, having a habit of constantly keeping your countertop dry can allow the countertop to stay elegant at any time, keeping the kitchen pretty as well.

Prevent Using Chemical Products

As mentioned, the quartz countertop is less porous and have a level of resistance to liquid and several chemicals. However, it is worth noting that several chemical and solvents with higher concentrations will still cause damages to the quartz surface, impacting its lustre. Paint removers, oil soaps, permanent markers, inks, and bleaches are some examples of the chemicals that you should avoid. Keep your quartz countertop away from those chemicals, to ensure a longer lifetime of your countertop. It is strongly advised to clean off any chemical stains as soon as possible to reduce damages.

Avoid Using Knives on Quartz Countertop

If you are feeling lazy to use a cutting board to prepare your cooking ingredients, and planning to use the knife directly on your quartz surface, think twice.

Quartz countertop is able to resist knife scratch to a certain degree, but is not completely scratch proof. In fact, too much force is applied, it might still cause chips and scratches on the quartz surface. In the case of cutting fruits on the quartz surface, the citric acid from the fruits could eventually result in the damages as mentioned in the chemical usage. In addition, the amount of cash spent on purchasing new knives to replace those damaged from cutting on a hard surface is definitely not worth it.

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