3 Tips to Hire Great Employees

3 Tips to Hire Great Employees

Your employees play an essential role in your business. They can either help catapult your company to greater heights — or push it off the cliff.

But how do you ensure that you hire only the right people every time? Here are 3 essential criteria to consider when hiring:


The candidate must have relevant experience and skills to perform the tasks within the stipulated job scope.


The candidate must be willing to adapt to a new environment and social circle. This factor is crucial, as the candidate must be able to get along with the other employees, as well as prospective and existing customers.


The candidate must be willing to put in good efforts to help achieve the company’s goals. Smart employers would hire employees who can think in the company’s perspective and treat the company as their own.

Finding talents that fulfil the characteristics above are like mining a gem from the ground. Here are a few techniques that can help you save some trouble and find the right people you need.

Hire Someone Who Shows Commitment to Their Job

When it comes to hiring a new employee, it is crucial to NEVER hire someone who shows zero commitment, and only joins a company for the sake of a juicy paycheck.

Therefore, instead of just checking on the candidate’s skill set, it is strongly advised that you also check on the person’s previous job duration and his frequency of switching jobs. If the candidate tends to switch jobs constantly, it shows that he has poor loyalty to his company, and would hardly commit in shouldering the company’s hardship, hence unreliable.

Learn and Improve the Hiring Process

Never stick to a specific hiring style and strategy.

The hiring process is the primary factor to be considered while hiring a new employee.

The following are some tips on procedures that can assist in your hiring process:

  • Ask only relevant questions
    If you’ve heard about Google who tests their candidates with tricky questions or riddles, and you wish to follow their footsteps in your hiring process, think again.
    If you are not experienced enough in handling this kind of riddles, the answers provided by the candidates can hardly mean anything to you.
    Hence, instead of asking irrelevant questions, just focus on the direct questions that can help you to identify the candidate’s capabilities, knowledge, skills, confidence, attitude, and potential.
  • Make sure you included the job scope and specific requirements while advertising your vacancies. This allows you to communicate better with your target audience, and gives you greater chances of finding more candidates that fit your requirements.
  • While evaluating the candidates, it is advisable that you may include more people in the process. It is good to have different people look at the candidate from different perspectives. This will usually lead to a better result.

Social Media Tells A Lot of Story

Understand the Social Life of the Candidate

It is a common fact that the interviewees will tend to restrain themselves and show only the best side of them during the interview sessions, which could easily deceive inexperienced interviewers, resulting in wrong hires. While you can ask some personal questions to dig deeper, it can get pretty awkward — and there is no guarantee that you’ll get truthful answers from them.

Therefore, searching for the candidate’s life on social media can be a convenient way to understand the life of the candidate outside work. You will be surprised at how the performances of a candidate during the interview sessions can differ from their true colors on social media platforms.

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