3 Reasons Why Turbochargers Are Environmentally Friendly

3 Reasons Why Turbochargers Are Environmentally Friendly

Move over, electric cars. Turbochargers are here for a greener future. These turbine-driven devices are power-packed and environmentally friendly – what’s not to like? Here, we explore 3 reasons why you should consider a turbocharged car.

1. Cuts Down On Carbon Emissions
Image by Stanford University via Wikimedia Commons

Turbochargers are high on performance, but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard on the environment! The innovative technology that turbochargers utilise re-circulates the exhaust gases back into the engine to drive the turbine, and this ensures that the fuel is burnt properly before being vented out. Fuel usage is maximised, thus reducing carbon emissions. In fact, turbochargers have been proven to help increase fuel efficiency by up to 40% in diesel engines[1].

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2. A Leaner, Meaner Engine

Image by Alexandre Prévot via Wikimedia Commons

Turbochargers are compact, without compromising on power and performance; making them perfect for car engines. Turbocharging units typically consist of two air fans – a turbine and a compressor – situated on the same metal shaft so that both spin together. As exhaust gases are recycled, more air is introduced into the engine, and this grants smaller engines the same power capacity as that of bigger engines.


3. Better Fuel Efficiency, Less Greenhouse Gases

Image by Gretar Ívarsson via Wikimedia Commons

Fuel economy is increased with the use of turbochargers, and this means that less fuel is needed to drive the car. As automobiles increasingly become turbocharged, this could bode well for the environment – fossil fuel consumption decreases, and so will heat-trapping gases, which are the major culprits of global warming in our world today. Consumers stand to gain from turbocharging too. With higher fuel prices, better fuel efficiency inturbocharged cars will undeniably be the more economical choice.

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