3 Essential Features of a Great Hotel

great hotel

3 Essential Features of a Great Hotel

No matter how often you travel, choosing a great hotel is not something to be taken lightly. Because your choice directly determines whether you’re going to have an enjoyable vacation, or a disappointing one.

There are three types of people. People who go for the 5-star hotel without considering their budget and needs. People who go for the one with the cheapest rates without considering the quality of the hotel. These two types of people are somewhat “lazy” and usually think it’s too troublesome to make the effort researching for a better choice of a good accommodation for their trip.

The third type of people appreciates these 3 main characteristics of a great hotel and find the one which suits them the most. Remember these 3 characteristics to better your traveling experience.

great hotel service

Stellar Service is a must

This is the top priority while looking for a great hotel. You won’t enjoy seeing ineffective and rude staff handling your matters especially after a long day of adventuring and exploring the area. A great hotel not only has helpful staff who are always wearing the heart-warming smile on the face, but also go the extra mile to do their utmost to make you feel truly welcomed and cared for.

Greeting you in the morning by calling out your surname, remembering that you don’t take spicy food, and entertaining your children when they’re in a bad mood… These are the little (but important) things that visitors remember the hotel for. At Summer Suites, we select and train our staff rigorously to be professional and to follow the most fundamental principle: “To provide services from heart, to provide services as we would like to be serviced.”

great hotel location

Location, Location, location

Whether you’re going on a business trip or vacation, knowing your destination should help you decide which hotel you should go for. Having the convenience of transportation is also significant when choosing a good hotel. The accessibility of amenities such as banks, restaurants and convenient stores may also be your concern while choosing a good hotel. If you’re going to KL, Summer Suites is strategically located within the Golden Triangle of downtown KL to suit your needs. It is accessible via Jalan Sultan Ismail and Ampang-Kuala Lumpur elevated highway. The location is serviced by the good connectivity of Monorail services at Bukit Nanas station or LRT Dang Wangi RapidKL station, as well as taxis and buses. Just a stone’s throw away from KLCC with every kind of amenities imaginable located at your doorstep.

great hotel facilities

Fun Facilities make your trip memorable

It is inevitable that you might need to entertain yourself during the trip. So, you should go for a hotel with sufficient facilities. Get your gym buddies to work out at the gym before going to that special occasion later that night, get to chill and have a little drink by the bar before sleep. Doesn’t that sound great? Summer Suites is an integrated suite with a single dedicated level of facilities which include the swimming pool, gym, function room, food court and F&B outlets. You don’t ever have to worry about the lack of parking spaces as we provide over 800 parking bays.

If you’re planning on having a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Summer Suites is your BEST choice to go for. Contact us and book your room in advance!

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