22nd GACC Chess Championship: Everything You Need to Know

22nd22nd GACC Chess Championship

22nd GACC Chess Championship: Everything You Need to Know

Duality Reveals Possibility

A well-placed pawn is more powerful than a queen

It’s back! The 22nd GACC Chess Championship is a premier chess event to rival all other intervarsity chess events in Malaysia. The Tuanku Bahiyah Residential College, University of Malaya is pulling out all the stops to host the international chess championship for its 22nd year in a row from the 20th to 27th of January.

This year’s event promises to be an exciting one. The defending champions University of Calcutta, India are eying to retain the title for two years in a row. Also looking to steal the championships are RIT Engineering College India, BRAC University Bangladesh, and UITM Shah Alam.


(Image: GACC Archives)

The 21st GACC Chess Championships

A Malaysian chess tradition of sorts, the chess institution is the pride of joy of the Grand Asian Chess Challenge (GACC). Summoning participants from 68 Universities of 22 countries, the championship is a bona fide international event.

GACC Plenary

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21st GACC Chess Championships Plenary

The GACC was the brainchild of their first Director Mr. James Fah. Initially, the international intervarsity championship was the main highlight of the event. After receiving high praise from the chess lover’s community as a welcome addition to the chess scene, the GACC took up the challenge of creating an event for primary and secondary school competitors.

Since 1996, the GACC has painstakingly put together a chess event that values unity. One with think that rivalry in sport is common, but the GACC grooms participants to embrace cultural differences and foster goodwill. A little-known fact is that this momentous event is run by students. Such charismatic, committed and resilient students are a clear product of good sportsmanship.


(Image source: GACC Archives)

22nd GACC Student Organizing Committee

And that’s not all. In light of the red-hot reception, they created an Open Team Chess Championships during the 21st GACC Chess Championships, where teams with no affiliation with a university could still compete. This magnanimous outreach is why they were awarded the title of “Best Project” by their residential house.

Keeping up with the incredible momentum, the 22nd GACC Chess Championships have a brand new event to add to the mix. The Blitz Chess Championships is the recent addition that is set to take the event by storm. This a round of fast chess in a very accelerated time control. Each player is granted 5 minutes only, where they are required to compete within that limited amount of time to checkmate their opponent.

The event is recognized by notable authorities such as the Malaysian Chess Federation   (MCF),  Kuala Lumpur Chess Association (KLCA) the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

Rest assured, this event is a must-see for all chess enthusiasts.

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